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Our attorneys are accredited by APPLUS and SGE900 in COMPLIANCE competitions.

Prior to establishing what compliance services and how do we establish these services, we must understand, what does Compliance mean or what is it?

Compliance does not just act as a penal or normative regulation, although it is one of its functions.

One way to understand or define Compliance in a simple way is as a tool or control management system, either of a penal nature, either of a legal nature (which includes the penal) or corporate compliance (management of the organization).

Compliance aims to ensure the future, viability of the company or organization and tries to achieve this purpose by identifying those activities that may cause or pose a risk or danger to the future of the company.

Compliance in the Spanish legal system is based on the Criminal Code. The Spanish legislator wanted to introduce the compliance function of companies through criminal law. In comparative law, at European level as in Germany, Compliance has a system of administrative responsibility that allows fines to be established for legal persons.

Download the file where you will see our Compliance services explained in detail.

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