Canal de Denuncias


ARENARI IUS, LLC – LIZÁN ABOGADOS, wants to provide a specific channel of communication with the Management and the Governing Bodies, which serves as an instrument to communicate any possible irregularity, noncompliance or behavior contrary to ethics, legality and the policies that govern the firm. All complaints made through this Mailbox may be anonymous.

The computer security tools used protect anonymity. In case the complainant wants to identify himself, an optional section has been enabled, within the complaint, to enter his data and be able to attach any documentation that he considers appropriate.

Lizán Abogados és una firma constituïda el 1990 que ha desenvolupat la seva experiència professional en l’assessorament i prestació de serveis jurídics, així com en la gestió integral d’empreses.


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Barcelona – C/ Balmes, 188, 1º 1ª

08006 – BCN

T. 93 217 51 46 F. 93 667 38 78

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