It means the right to justice that fundamental right in legal settings, complex content and constitutionally recognized to all persons, consisting of the right of these to have free access to the courts to seek from them the protection of an individual right or a legitimate interest and a decision based on law background.


(Si te preocupas de los tribunales, los tribunales te darán preocupaciones)Anónimo

Procedural Law is the set of rules governing judicial procedures in the various jurisdictional, commercial, civil, criminal, contentious-administrative and labor merchant.

As lawyers we are experienced in the procedure before the courts in different jurisdictions: Civil and Commercial Litigation and Family specialty; Insolvency proceedings, misdemeanor proceedings and Speedy Trial, prison welfare, criminal procedures at all stages, Administrative Litigation Procedure, Labor lawsuits.

In the civil order

  • Trials of wills
  • Leases
  • Extrajudicial claim amount and legal claims
  • Judicial proceedings arising from a breach of the obligations and contracts
  • Claims for damages.
  • Family law

In trade order

  • Claims against banks
  • Court proceedings arising out of obligations and contracts
  • Corporate liability action against the administrators
  • Corporate disputes
  • Actions concerning general contracting conditions.
  • Insolvency procedure.

In penal order

  • The detainee legal and law enforcement assistance statements.
  • Legal intervention in cases involving minor offenses, Speedy Trial and views of precautionary measures.
  • Intervention at all stages and levels of procedures related to complaints relating to economic crime, and property tax, corporate crime, or developed within the company and the criminal responsibility of representative bodies.

In the contentious-administrative order

  • Special procedures intervene in the protection of fundamental rights incurred by public authorities.
  • Protection procedures on the Constitutional Court
  • Intervention in contentious-administrative procedures with preferred scope in:
    • Tax Law
    • Sanctioning Administrative Law.
    • Civil law: the rights and obligations of officials, incompatibilities and discipline.
    • Creation and recognition of universities and university centers attached
    • Urban Law.
    • Eminent domain procedures.
    • Third party domain.
    • Patrimonial responsibility of the Administration.

In labor order

  • Labor dispute to Mediation Services, Arbitration and Conciliation.
  • Legal intervention in judicial proceedings.

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