It means the right to justice that fundamental right in legal settings, complex content and constitutionally recognized to all persons, consisting of the right of these to have free access to the courts to seek from them the protection of an individual right or a legitimate interest and a decision based on law background.

Corporate law

  • Lawyers Services Company, Consulting, Corporate Secretariat and representation in the organs of society.
  • Control, protection, defense management and portfolio equity.
  • Corporate transactions of capital increases and reductions, accordion operations, evaluation and implementation of share premium, transformation, dissolution and liquidation of companies.
  • Advice and review of the legal forms adapted to the business plan, including working partnerships, cooperatives, civil societies and other corporate commercial object type.
  • Mergers, divisions, transfers of branch activity and other structural modifications of commercial companies.
  • National and international Holding structures.
  • Family business protocol.
  • Family Business Succession.
  • Formalize framework agreements, joint ventures, and syndication pacts between partners / shares.
  • Stock Options Plans.
  • Advice regarding the liability of directors and advisors.
  • Due Diligence and Compliance.
  • Procedure, coordination and consequent adjustment of rights attributable to the company, partners, entrepreneurs and managers obligations as corporate law, tax, accounting and labor.
  • Social actions judicial procedures.

Contract law

We advise the client on the need and appropriateness of grant agreements, that is, the grounds of a contract. We help in determining the object and causes. We accompany the client in negotiating the contract until its formalization and execution, sought the protection of the rights and obligations of the parties and their adaptation to the law.

  • Distribution contracts in general, concession, commercial agency, franchise, both nationally and internationally.
  • Management Services Contracts.
  • Licensing and acquisition of know-how, industrial and intellectual property.
  • Acquisitions.
  • Account ventures and shareholder loan.
  • Patronage and sponsorship.
  • Negotiation.
  • Contractual support on the basis of, and consistent coordination and alignment of rights attributable to the company, partners, entrepreneurs and managers obligations as corporate law, tax, accounting and labor. Related party transactions.

Implementation of companies internationally

  • Support for the implementation of the foreign company in Spain.
  • Assessing legal alternative installation (subsidiary, branch, representative office, etc.)
  • Spanish foreign investment regulations in Spain and abroad


  • We advise on budgets and the origin of the insolvency.
  • We urge the preconcursal stage and intervene in the negotiation procedures, refinancing and proposed agreement.
  • We declaration and intervene before the competent court in all procedural stages of the competition.
  • We advise on the effects of the insolvency of the debtor, creditor, contracts and acts harmful to the active mass.
  • Procedure, bankruptcy incident and resources.
  • Prior advice on accounting concepts that affect competition.
  • Preparation of history and memory of the company.

Negotiation, claim and defense against financial institutions

We defend the interests of the customer facing financial institutions: We advise and intervene in the course of trading and banking contracts. We challenge of non-transparent financial products, swap , preferred, multicurrency mortgages, land and other clauses, clauses null structured products. Opposition and defense against foreclosure. Negotiations take off and payment in kind.

Lizán Abogados és una firma constituïda el 1990 que ha desenvolupat la seva experiència professional en l’assessorament i prestació de serveis jurídics, així com en la gestió integral d’empreses.


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